stationary craft

Our stationary watercraft are based on cuboid polyethylene hulls. They are characterised by high stability which translates directly into the stability of the whole structure and comfort of people onboard.

Although such houseboats do not have their own drive, thanks to the properties of cuboid hulls they are used mainly to construct shore infrastructure and can be moved by towing.

Technical specification

  • Total length: 10.56 m
  • Total width: 3.4 m
  • Height: 2.77 m
  • Draught: up to 0.3 m depending on the load
  • Number of people: 4
  • Cuboid polyethylene hulls
  • Aluminium structure
  • Insulation min. 10 cm
  • Facade: high quality composite board
  • PVC windows
  • Clean water tank: 80–120 l
  • Waste tank: starting from 120 l. It has sensors indicating the filling degree
  • Tankless water heater or hot water cylinder
  • The system of maintaining positive temperature of the water system
  • Electrical system
  • Antenna system
  • Two-purpose heating unit (air conditioning with a heating and cooling function)
  • Interior surface area: 26 m2
  • Terrace surface area on the lower deck: 4 m2
  • Terrace surface area on the upper deck: 30 m2
  • Lower terrace covered with high quality composite board
  • Upper terrace covered with Mongolian larch
  • Lower terrace protected with coated steel guardrails
  • Upper terrace protected with aluminum guardrails
  • Stairs connecting both decks
  • Safety ladder to water
  • Interior floor covered with durable Japanese carpet
  • Aluminium sliding doors, glazed: 3 pieces
  • Aluminium or steel door handles
Budowa housebouts
Budowa housebouts
Budowa housebouts
Budowa housebouts

Wszelkich zmian w wyglądzie czy kształcie budynku,
usytuowaniu pomieszczeń, czy wielkości przeszkleń oraz innych zmian konstrukcyjnych, dokonywać można po konsultacji z architektem.

Modyfikacje kosmetyczne, dotyczących np. wystroju wnętrz czy wyposażenia, pozostają do omówienia przed przystąpieniem do prac.


  • Ceiling LED lights
  • Living room with a kitchenette: standing and hanging kitchen cabinets, fridge, a hob, hood, place for a gas cylinder, high quality sofa with a sleeping function, table with chairs, wall-hung TV set, USB port
  • Bedroom 1: double bed sized 130×200 with a mattress, wall-hung shelves
  • Bedroom 2: bunk bed with two mattresses, wall-hung shelves
  • Bathroom: covered with composite cladding, shower pan sized 70×120 cm, sliding safety-glass shower doors, washbasin with a cabinet, a cabinet with a mirror
  • Toilet with composite cladding, housing a WC pan
  • Curtains
  • Pleated blinds


  • Photovoltaic system
  • Towing hook
  • Waste treatment plant
  • Safety devices for 4 people
  • Ceiling sound amplification speakers
  • Projector with a screen
  • Terrace furniture
  • Upper deck sail
  • Mosquito nets
  • High quality decorative cushions and coverlets

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