We offer comprehensive services! We create a shore recreation and relaxation zone which, following a site inspection, we equip as follows, based on the Customer’s needs:

  • Houseboats;
  • Modular jetty with ladders;
  • Harbour unit with its own lighting, with 3 water connections with safety valves, 3 fused power connections, 4 sockets 230 V for outdoor use;
  • Lighting;
  • Bathing zone with buoys and lifebuoys;
  • Water slide for children;
  • Playground;
  • Sauna;
  • Landscaping features.
Budowa domów na wodzie

Modular jetties
are made from aluminium floating platforms sized 4×6 m, connected by means of hinges. This solution improves stability on waves which translates into improved safety of its users. The platforms are placed on polyethylene hulls characterised by higher durability and displacement when compared to the laminate-covered ones. To make our customers’ life easier, we cover the platform with Mongolian larch which does not require any maintenance.

Do you want to invest

do you have a hotel, a guesthouse or a resort at a lake? Do you want to develop, invest in a project which is bound to bring profits, but you do not have any investment ground? Create a marina with houseboats today. Use the vicinity of the lake to expand your offering.


Budowa domów na wodzie

1. Do you not have a plot at a lake, but you dream of a summer house?
1. Or perhaps do you have some funds but lack a business idea with certain profits? Do you have a leisure complex, hotel or a guesthouse at the lake? Do you want to develop but have no investment land?

Build your business with our ideas!