We are a manufacturer of houseboats and marinas with a floating jetty, own bathing zone, lighting and attractions for children. Our company has had close ties with the tourist sector for 10 years. Meeting the tourism-related needs of our Customers has become our repository of knowledge, and the immense experience in this area enabled us to create a comprehensive offering bound to meet the expectations of even the most demanding Customer.

To transform our ideas into a real, measurable product, we started to cooperate with architect Włodzimierz Doliński, a specialist with extensive experience in the area of designing sailing yachts and motor boats, RIB craft and houseboats.

Budowa domów na wodzie

Our 24-month guarantee

includes a service maintenance which will reach your site in 24 h and rectify any defect.

We have developed a unique system of quality control

and project implementation. Thanks to it, you can be certain all our products which are handed over to you conform to the agreement and project assumptions, they have been tested, connected and fully operable.

We ensure free delivery

of the ordered houseboats within 100 km from our manufacturing shed.

Budowa domów na wodzie

We want to offer our houseboats to anyone who appreciates comfort and close contacts with wildlife. And you can trust us… in our houseboat wildlife is at your fingertips. Thanks to large glazed areas, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, you sense it with all our senses. You can rest at the water mirror level and we do not have to convince anyone the closeness to water calms down, quietens, enables to distance oneself from life, flee from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Satisfaction of every Customer is of high importance for us. We listen to our investors attentively, we learn their needs and adapt the design to any requirements.

Quality is one of the most important items on our priority list. High-tech materials, innovative solutions and robust workmanship are the characteristic properties of our projects.

We have a comprehensive approach to the projects. We build houseboats, create infrastructure and model the landscape. The facility we hand over to our Customer is fully equipped, operational and fine-tuned.

Do you not have a plot at a lake, but you dream of a summer house?
Or perhaps do you have some funds but lack a business idea with certain profits? Do you have a leisure complex, hotel or a guesthouse at the lake?

Build your business with our ideas!