DESIGN: VD1000 were designed in line with the latest trends.

The interior space of 26 m2 was designed to house a comfortable living room with a kitchenette and 2 bedrooms for 2 people each, a bathroom and a toilet. Contact with wildlife is ensured by large windows in the living room zone. They guarantee also sufficient sunlight which improves the quality of your relax.

The exterior space is composed of 2 terraces

  • .The lower deck terrace 4 m2. With safe guardrails.
  • A large terrace on the upper deck of 30 m2. It occupies the entire room surface. With safe guardrails

STRUCTURE: Our houseboats have a gas-welded lightweight and strong aluminium structure. Lower weight means lesser draught and greater stability of the houseboat which affects also the craft travelling speed.

Budowa domów na wodzie
Budowa domów na wodzie

HULLS: The hulls are made from 1 cm thick polyethylene. They are strong and have high displacement. We have not introduced laminate-covered hulls into our offering as, once damaged, the laminate tends to soak up and, consequently, grows brittle, contrary to the polyethylene hulls.

FACADE: Our aim is to offer a product requiring hardly any maintenance. This is why we chose a composite board to clad the external walls as it is durable and resistant to weather conditions.

SAFETY VD1000 model was created in line with the most stringent standards concerning both the holiday house building and the requirements for craft. Our Houseboat holds a PRS certificate. The safety at the upper and lower terrace is ensured by dedicated guardrails with a robust structure, are higher than required by the applicable regulations and feature extra strings improving children’s safety. What is more, the houseboats have a safety ladder with a lockable gate.

Do you not have a plot at a lake, but you dream of a summer house?
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